About SIMPLIS Technologies

SIMPLIS Technologies, Inc. is the technology leader in simulation software for the power electronics industry. SIMPLIS is the leading simulation engine for switched mode power supply design and has been rapidly adopted by leading power supply, computing and telecommunication equipment manufacturers in recent years. It has become the standard for power supply system simulation and new product definition analysis.


In the late 1980’s, as an engineer at AT&T Bell Laboratories, Tom Wilson was convinced there was a better way to evaluate and validate power supply designs. Through connections at Duke University, he was introduced to a young doctoral candidate named Ron Wong with similar convictions. They soon developed algorithms for the SIMulation of Piecewise LInear Systems and SIMPLIS was born. While being used internally at AT&T, Power Design Tools (later renamed Transim Technology Corp.) was incorporated to commercialize SIMPLIS software. Through continued development and thoughtful application, Tom and Ron have brought SIMPLIS to a position of market leadership for power supply system simulation. Through their new company SIMPLIS Technologies, Inc. they intend to strengthen that leadership position.

Focus Markets

SIMPLIS Technologies serves companies involved in the design of power electronics including semiconductor design, power supply design and system design across a spectrum of applications including networking, computing, telecommunications and industrial markets.


SIMetrix Technologies Ltd is the developer of SIMetrix and collaborates with SIMPLIS Technologies on the marketing, development and sale of the SIMetrix/SIMPLIS software bundle.

Altium Limited, the leading developer of unified electronic product development solutions, has announced support in Altium Designer for the SIMetrix/SIMPLIS power simulation system.