We offer a series of monthly webinars, scheduled in-person training courses and a variety of online training and tutorial materials.  The schedule for upcoming webinars and training sessions can be found on the left sidebar. Email invitations to training courses and webinars are sent out periodically to users who have registered and opted into being contacted for training and webinar invitations.

Monthly Webinars

The SIMPLIS Technical Webinars are a series of one-hour webinars held on a bi-monthly basis. Each webinar covers some aspect of modeling or simulation using the SIMPLIS simulator. Each webinar is hands-on using the SIMetrix/SIMPLIS program in combination with documentation on the web.

The webinars are provided at no cost, the only requirement is that you register. Each webinar is recorded so you can review the material in the future.

In-person Training Courses

Training courses are typically two- or three-day sessions designed to provide current users with the advanced understanding needed to become highly skilled at creating SIMPLIS models of switching power supplies.  The courses typically cover modeling fundamentals, simulation strategies, circuit performance analysis, and speed optimizations.

Tutorials & Training

SIMPLIS Tutorial - The SIMPLIS tutorial is intended to help new users get started with the SIMPLIS simulator and to serve as a general reference for SIMPLIS.  The tutorial follows the progression of a buck converter design from first constructs to a final, parametrized, hierarchical design.

Learning SIMPLIS - A structured experience in which a capable and willing engineer can come up to speed with SIMPLIS in four (full-time) weeks. At the conclusion of the experience, the engineer will be confident that they will be able to competently apply SIMPLIS to appropriate switching power supply modeling objectives.

DVM Tutorial - The DVM Tutorial guides a user through configuring a working schematic to run in the Design Verification Module, run built-in test plans and customize them.  A host of other, more advanced, topics is covered as well, including schematic and component modification and test configuration.

MDM Tutorial - The MDM Tutorial introduces a user to the basics of the SIMPLIS Magnetics Design Module through the design of an inductor for a DC-to-DC Buck converter and a transformer for an isolated AC line self-oscillating flyback converter.

Advanced SIMPLIS Training Materials - This section of the documentation comes directly from the training course that SIMPLIS Technologies conducts several times per year in different locations.  The course material is intended for those with some experience using SIMPLIS and covers a wide range of topics from the POP analysis to Parameterization to measuring Switching Losses and Efficiency.