ISO 26262

SIMetrix/SIMPLIS is a circuit simulation tool used in the hardware design process of our customers. In the design of high-reliability products, our simulation results should always be used in conjunction with confirmation from rigorous hardware testing.

Circuit simulators and SIMetrix/SIMPLIS in particular take schematic input from the user and calculate the resulting circuit performance based on the user input. The user input includes models for each of the circuit components involved as well as the way that these electrical components are connected together.

In order for the simulation results to be accurate, not only must the simulator correctly calculate the circuit performance based on the user input, but all the user input must also be correct, and finally, the results must be correctly interpreted.

Currently, the only meaningful way to detect errors in this process is through rigorous hardware confirmation testing, which is the current industry standard. Consequently, the Tool Error Detection rating should be TD1.

Classification of SIMetrix/SIMPLIS according to ISO 26262 depends on the user’s design process. Tool Impact should be either TI1 or TI2. Tool Error Detection classification should be TD1. Tool Confidence Level should be TCL1.