Magnetics Design Module (MDM)

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Starting with version 8.40, the SIMPLIS Magnetics Design Module (MDM) can be added to any variant of SIMetrix/SIMPLIS Classic, Pro, or Elite to enable the creation of realistic inductor and transformer models from a large, editable and extendable catalog of standard and customizable components (cores, materials, wires, and bobbins). SIMPLIS MDM enables the calculation of detailed and accurate inductor and transformer losses and temperatures. The Magnetics Design Module works in conjunction with the SIMPLIS simulator.

SIMPLIS MDM is accessible using the Level 2 model of the Multi-Level Lossy PWL Inductor.

MDM provides an intuitive interface to build an inductor by selecting a core material, core shape and size, wire material, wire shape and size, bobbin, and number of turns and their arrangement. The user can select standard sizes from the catalogue or define custom sizes, including the custom placement of air gaps for certain core shapes.

Using the B-H curves of the selected material stored in MDM's database, a reluctance model of the defined core, and an accurate 3D model of the airgaps, a PWL inductance for the inductor is calculated and used in the SIMPLIS circuit simulation.

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MDM Tutorial

Check out the SIMPLIS Magnetics Design Module Tutorial to see how MDM works with inductors and transformers.

Comparison Data

A comparison of simulated and measured data can be found on the Simulation vs Measurement Results page.


For those interested in evaluating the Magnetics Design Module, visit the Evaluation page and follow the directions to obtain a trial license.

Example Circuits That Require a Full SIMetrix/SIMPLIS License and the Magnetics Design Module

SIMPLIS MDM Buck Converter An inductor for the fixed frequency synchronous buck converter from the SIMPLIS Tutorial, designed, simulated, and post-processed using MDM.
SIMPLIS MDM PFC Boost Inductor A boost inductor designed in MDM for the constant on-time PFC converter.  A standard SIMPLIS example.
SIMPLIS MDM Self-Oscillating Flyback Transformer A flyback transformer designed, simulated, and post-processed using MDM for the self-oscillating converter that regulates a 5-V/2-A output from a 300 - 350-V input (another standard SIMPLIS example).
SIMPLIS MDM LLC Resonant Inductor Transformer The standard SIMPLIS LLC half-bridge converter example modified so that it is on open-loop, with both the resonant inductor and the power transformer designed using MDM.