GraphImageCaptureAdvanced Function

Advanced functionality of Graph Image Capture.

This provides a mechanism for setting and locking various values in the dialog. This will also provide a mechanism for obtaining the settings that were used in the dialog.


Number Type Compulsory Default Description
1 string No Global memory reference
2 string No Starting directory for location of graphic files, or empty string for not set.
3 number No Horizontal minimum
4 number No Number generated points
5 number Yes Horizontal maximum
6 boolean No Horizontal logarithmic
7 number No Vertical minimum
8 number No Vertical maximum
9 boolean No Vertical logarithmic

Argument 1

The reference this will write the user settings to.

Argument 3

Minimum value for the horizontal axis.

Argument 4

The number of points to generate.

Argument 5

Maximum value for the horizontal axis.

Argument 6

True if the horizontal axis is logarithmic.

Argument 7

Minimum value for the vertical axis.

Argument 8

Maximum value for the vertical axis.

Argument 9

True if the vertical axis is logarithmic.


Return type: real array

Returns the data points extracted. First element is the number of data points extracted, n . The next n elements are the x-values, the following n elements are the y-values of those data points.