SIMPLIS Technologies Announces the Release of SIMetrix/SIMPLIS 8.3

SIMPLIS Technologies is pleased to announce that we have released version 8.3 of SIMetrix/SIMPLIS.  Below is the breakdown of the major changes.

New Features for Both SIMetrix and SIMPLIS

Curve Colour-label Editor

A simple dialog to speed editing of curve colours and labels

colour label editor
Simulator: SIMetrix and SIMPLIS
Required Version: Classic, Pro, or Elite

Other Improvements

  • Schematic: Mouse panning using right button
  • Schematic: Auto pan during edit operations
  • Waveform viewer: Replot previously closed waveforms
generic schematic image
Simulator: SIMetrix and SIMPLIS
Required Version: Classic, Pro, or Elite

New Features for the SIMPLIS Simulator

4-Quadrant Multipliers

Two four-quadrant multipliers where the inputs and outputs can swing above and below the ground reference, providing true four-quadrant multiplication. Versions with and without output limiting are included.

From the Part Selector, select Analog Functions > Multiplier / Divider > 4-Quadrant to place.

More information

4-quadrant multipliers
Simulator: SIMPLIS
Required Version: Classic, Pro, or Elite


Create a SIMPLIS MOSFET model by digitizing capacitance, transconductance, and body diode behavior datasheet curves. Or, start with a SPICE model and fine tune the extracted SIMPLIS model.

More information

custom mosfet dialog

Simulator: SIMPLIS
Required Version: Classic*, Pro, or Elite
*Classic version does not support digitizing curve feature.

New Features for the SIMetrix Simulator

Sensitivity and Worst-case Analyses

Sensitivity and true Worst-case analyses are now available for SIMetrix simulations. The analysis modes are built into the simulator core and can be specified at the netlist level.

More information

sensitivity dialog
Simulator: SIMetrix
Required Version: Pro, or Elite

Verilog-A Features

Further work with the Verilog-A compiler provides three new features:

  • Z-transform Functions (See picture)
  • Indirect Branch Assignments
  • Full version 2.4 implementation of $table_model including cubic spline interpolation

More information

critically damped pulse graph
Simulator: SIMetrix
Required Version: Pro, or Elite

See the full list in the Change Log.

How to get version 8.30

For those interested in evaluating SIMetrix/SIMPLIS 8.30, please head to the Evaluation page and follow the directions to obtain a trial license.

For those who are up to date on their maintenance but do not possess the credentials for downloading the new version, please contact us at

About SIMPLIS Technologies

SIMPLIS Technologies, Inc., headquartered in Portland, Oregon, is the technology leader in simulation software for the power electronics industry. SIMPLIS is the leading simulation engine for switched mode power supply design and has been rapidly adopted by leading OEM, power supply, and IC Controller manufacturers in recent years. It has become the standard for power supply system simulation and new product definition analysis.

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