Multi-Core Support for SIMetrix/SIMPLIS

Speed up simulations using multiple core processors

Nearly all modern computers have at least two CPU cores with many offering four or more. Both SIMetrix and SIMPLIS simulators are able to exploit this hardware capability to shorten run times especially for multiple runs such as Monte Carlo analyses.

Multi-core support for SIMetrix

SIMetrix supports multi-core simulation in two ways

  • Multi-threaded single run execution. Speeds up individual runs by executing some parts of the simulation process in parallel. This provides the greatest benefit for large designs especially those made from many of the same types of component such as is commonly the case with integrated circuits. Also provides a modest speed improvement for medium sized circuits.
  • Multi-step runs especially Monte Carlo simulations can be efficiently shared amongst multiple cores. Typically offers around 3 fold speed up with a 4 core machine even for quite small designs.

Multi-core support for SIMPLIS

SIMPLIS Monte Carlo and multi-step runs may be shared amongst multiple cores similar to SIMetrix multi-step runs. As for SIMetrix this typically offers around 3 fold speed up with a 4 core machine even for quite small designs

4 core or 16 core?

SIMetrix Pro and SIMetrix/SIMPLIS Pro offers 4 core capability while SIMetrix Elite and SIMetrix/SIMPLIS Elite provide 16 core support. For SIMetrix single run execution, 4 cores is usually sufficient to get the maximum benefit. However, for Monte Carlo and other multi-step runs, the speed benefit continues with many more cores and for this the higher core count ability of SIMetrix Elite and SIMetrix/SIMPLIS Elite offer a serious benefit.

Who's it for?

  • Designers wishing to run Monte Carlo simulations with either SIMetrix or SIMPLIS
  • Designers simulating large designs in SIMetrix