Version 8.5 Updates in the SIMPLIS Magnetics Design Module

When designing transformers, users can now switch the “Placement Method” in the Winding tab from “Simple” to “Scripting”, allowing them to, using simple JavaScript and an x-y coordinate system, precisely place each turn of each winding wherever they want inside the winding window.

This allows the straightforward modeling of more complex winding arrangements that were not possible or were more difficult to do in 8.4, such as

  • Split bobbins
  • Layer-by-layer interleaved windings
  • Turn-by-turn interleaved (bi-filar wound) windings
  • Split windings
  • Planar transformers
  • Layering of windings along the y-axis (in 8.4 only layering along the x-axis was possible), etc.
winding placement

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