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New Features for the
SIMetrix and SIMPLIS Simulators


A new optimiser finds the component values and parameters that achieve the best results for a circuit design.

The optimiser works with both SIMetrix and SIMPLIS and is driven by an easy-to-use GUI.

Simulator: SIMetrix and SIMPLIS
Required Version: Pro or Elite

Load Component Values Tool Update

Additional compatibility has been added to the Load Component Values tool. The items listed below can now be used:

  • Jumpers
  • Open/Short/Enable instances
  • XML content
lcv updates
Simulator: SIMetrix and SIMPLIS
Required Version: All versions

File Viewer Search Function

This will allow the ability to search for a file directly from the File Viewer. All loaded directories can be searched at once or the search can be limited to selected directories.

file viewer search
Simulator: SIMetrix and SIMPLIS
Required Version: All versions

New Features for the SIMPLIS Simulator

64-bit Verilog-HDL Simulator Support

SIMPLIS VH now ships with an additional module that supports co-simulation with 64bit Verilog-HDL simulators.


64bit hdl
Simulator: SIMPLIS
Required Version: Pro or Elite with VH add-on

PDN Parser Enhancements

The new version of the PDN parser, version 2, was first introduced in SIMetrix/SIMPLIS 9.00b and has three improvements.

  1. Efficiency has been greatly increased when handling large PDN input files, substantially reducing the time it takes to create the output file.
  2. Nested subcircuits in the input file can now be handled.
  3. The tool will now automatically generate two models; a resistive-only model** and a full model. As its name implies, the resistive-only model will only model the resistive effects of the PDN as represented by the input file. 
pdn parser

** For a high-current, low output-voltage voltage regulator, a significant portion of the change in the output voltage during a large load transient is caused by the resistive drop of the parasitics. If the PDN is used to model just the parasitics, leaving the physical capacitors as separate components on the schematic, then the resistive-only model of the PDN gives relatively accurate results in the simulation of such load transients, but at a much faster speed when compared to the full model of the PDN. The resistive-only model can be used most of the time and the full model can be used for the final checkout.

Simulator: SIMPLIS
Required Version: All versions

New Features for the SIMetrix Simulator

LTspice® Model Support

Some device manufacturers provide models designed only for LTspice®. Many such models use non-standard devices not supported by other simulators.

SIMetrix can now accept many of the non-standard devices and so be able to run LTspice® models without requiring modification.

In addition, SIMetrix can load LTspice® symbol files and schematics


Simulator: SIMetrix
Required Version: All versions

How to get version 9.00

For those interested in evaluating SIMetrix/SIMPLIS 9.00, please head to the Evaluation page and follow the directions to obtain a trial license.

For those who are up to date on their maintenance, the installer can be downloaded by clicking the button above. If you do not possess the credentials for downloading the new version, please contact us at sales@simplistechnologies.com.