SIMPLIS Technologies Announces the Release of SIMetrix/SIMPLIS 8.5

SIMPLIS Technologies is pleased to announce that we have released version 8.5 of SIMetrix/SIMPLIS.  The major changes and enhancements can be found here.

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New Features for the
SIMetrix and SIMPLIS Simulators

Probe Auto-colouring

Fixed probes on the schematic change colour to reflect the colour of the graph curves they create. This eases associating probes with plotted curves.

If the curve is highlighted in the graph window, the colour in the schematic will also reflect the highlighting.

auto probe color
Simulator: SIMetrix and SIMPLIS
Required Version: All versions

Script Language: foreach and foreachdiv Statements

foreach iterates through all the elements in a vector. It is more convenient than using a for loop in most cases.

foreachdiv iterates through the divisions in a multi-division vector. If a single division vector is presented it will loop just once. This provides a convenient method to analyse data from single step and multi-step analyses

foreach script image
Simulator: SIMetrix and SIMPLIS
Required Version: All versions

Parameter Editing Dialog Creator

The dialog creation spreadsheet is now incorporated within the symbol editor. The tool will also allow you to preview the dialog before applying it to your subcomponent.

Since an external program is no longer needed and there is no copying/pasting necessary, the ease and speed of developing a dialog has been greatly increased.

dialog creator
Simulator: SIMetrix and SIMPLIS
Required Version: All versions

Triggered O-Scope Plotting Function

This function will overlay multiple segments of a curve to produce a waveform similar to an oscilloscope trace. This will allow easy comparisons between sections of periodic signals.

triggered o-scope
Simulator: SIMetrix and SIMPLIS
Required Version: All versions

New Features for the SIMPLIS Simulator

Magnetics Design Module Updates

Along with several major and minor bug fixes and modeling refinements, there are several new features in MDM in the 8.5 release of SIMetrix/SIMPLIS:

  • Arbitrary Transformer Winding Turn Placement
  • Scripting-Based Air Gap Placement
  • MagDB Improvements
  • New Core Shapes

More Information

mdm planar xformer
Simulator: SIMPLIS
Required Version: All versions with MDM add-on

New Features for the SIMetrix Simulator

New Device Models for IC Design

7 new device models for IC design have been developed. This includes 3 brand new models and 4 new versions of an existing model.

  • BSIM-CMG (BSIM common multi gate). Designed for sub 20nm processes using FinFET technology
  • BSIM-BULK (formerly BSIM6). Designed for analog and RF applications
  • Diode CMC. A development of the NXP Juncap 2 model with additional recovery characteristics
  • HiSim HV. 4 new versions: 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 and 2.4


ic design models
Simulator: SIMetrix
Required Version: Elite

How to get version 8.50

For those interested in evaluating SIMetrix/SIMPLIS 8.50, please head to the Evaluation page and follow the directions to obtain a trial license.

For those who are up to date on their maintenance, the installer can be downloaded by clicking the button above. If you do not possess the credentials for downloading the new version, please contact us at