APEC 2020 in New Orleans, LA

Although we were saddened to hear about the cancelation of the in-person conference, we support the decision to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the community.

Just like the organizers, SIMPLIS has created virtual presentations that cover, in-depth, the topics in our Exhibitor Seminar.  The seminar, in the form of webinars, will be on the topic of Using the SIMPLIS Magnetic Design Module in an LLC application with Digital Control using the SIMPLIS C-code DLL feature.


SIMPLIS Magnetics Design Module is used to analyze the performance of both the transformer and the resonant inductor in an LLC converter. Magnetic device loss predictions – including core losses, skin and proximity effect losses in the windings – are compared to measured and FEM simulation results.

Digital control of this LLC converter is implemented with the SIMPLIS C-code DLL feature of SIMetrix/SIMPLIS Pro or Elite Version 8.4. User-defined C or C++ code describes the digital behavior of the LLC controller using three functions: housekeeping setup, assignment of initial conditions of the output pins, and the digital device's behavior during simulation.

The webinars can be found here:

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