Introduction to the SIMPLIS Magnetics Design Module - Part I: Inductors


July 16th, 2020 at 1:00 PM EDT

The SIMPLIS Magnetics Design Module (MDM) is a new add-on available for all SIMetrix/SIMPLIS products (Classic, Pro, or Elite) starting with version 8.40. MDM enables the creation of realistic inductor and transformer models from a large, editable, and extendable catalog of standard and customizable components (cores, materials, wires, and bobbins), as well as the calculation detailed and accurate inductor and transformer losses and temperatures. SIMPLIS MDM will be introduced in this two-part webinar. Part I will cover the basics of MDM and demonstrate how MDM can be used to design inductors.


  • Review of inductor modeling in SIMPLIS
  • The new Level 2 model of the Multi-Level PWL Lossy Inductor
  • Introduction to the MDM GUI and MagDB
  • Basic principles of MDM operation and use
  • Buck converter inductor design example
  • Planar magnetic design example
  • PFC inductor design example
  • Concurrent design of magnetic and electric circuits (inductor example).

Reference Materials

Schematics and presentation slides will become available here closer to the webinar.