Of Historical Interest

Submitted by John Wilson on Monday, April 21, 2008
SIMPLIS makes the process of virtual prototyping a practical option for the design of switched mode power supplies in a way that has not been available in the past.  While simulation will never completely replace hardware testing and qualification, Virtual Prototyping with SIMPLIS can detect over 50% of design errors that would otherwise go undetected until a power supply design is committed to hardware.  We know of no other design quality improvement technique that can begin to match this capability. The most productive users of SIMPLIS are using it to verify the performance of their… Read more
Submitted by John Wilson on Thursday, March 13, 2008
SIMPLIS Technologies, Inc. announced today that it is assuming the former role of Transim Technology in working together with SIMetrix Technologies Ltd to support the integration of SIMetrix/SIMPLIS into the Altium Designer environment.  Simplis Technologies supports the marketing and sales of SIMetrix/SIMPLIS as well as the product development of the SIMPLIS simulation engine.
Submitted by John Wilson on Sunday, March 9, 2008
The new release of SIMetrix/SIMPLIS Version 5.5 is now available. A few highlights: The diode and MOSFET SPICE-to-SIMPLIS conversion routines have been redesigned to improve the quality and the versatility of the models. Users are now able to specify the current, voltage and operating temperature at which they want the conversion routine to convert the results of a Spice model into SIMPLIS parameters. By selecting and right clicking on a diode or MOSFET symbol, the user can then select "Edit Additional Parameters" to optimize the SIMPLIS model fit. Some nice features have been added to the… Read more
Submitted by John Wilson on Monday, February 25, 2008
SIMPLIS Technologies, Inc. announced today its incorporation and its intent to assume all commercial and product development responsibility for the market-leading SIMPLIS simulation engine.  The new company aims to accelerate the development and growth of this powerful design tool for the power electronics industry. Press Release:
Submitted by John Wilson on Wednesday, October 17, 2007
With a joint development between Transim Technology and SIMetrix Technologies Ltd, Altium Limited, the leading developer of unified electronic product development solutions, has announced support in Altium Designer for the SIMetrix/SIMPLIS power simulation system. Altium Designer, Altium's unified electronic product development system, lets electronics designers take a new approach to system design by bringing together board-level hardware design, embedded software development and FPGA-based system design within a single unified environment. Press Release:… Read more