SIMetrix/SIMPLIS Products at a Glance

SIMetrix/SIMPLIS - All versions of SIMetrix/SIMPLIS include the SIMPLIS simulator as well as the SIMetrix Simulation Environment, consisting of the enhanced SIMetrix SPICE simulator, schematic editor and waveform viewer offering good accuracy, performance, and rapid convergence for a broad range of analog and mixed-signal design applications. SIMPLIS is designed to simulate switching power electronics systems. It combines accuracy and speed in a full-featured design environment, enabling 10-50x faster simulation than SPICE for power supply designs.

SIMetrix/SIMPLIS Pro - Adds multi-core support (up to 4 cores) to the multi-run (e.g. Monte Carlo) capabilities of both the SIMetrix and SIMPLIS simulation engines. Provides access to the SystemDesigner digital modeling blocks. Also included is Verilog and basic IC design features for SIMetrix.

SIMetrix/SIMPLIS Elite - Additional multi-core support (up to 16 cores) on top of the features of the Pro version. Also included is advanced IC design features and Real Time Noise analysis for SIMetrix.