MDM Example Schematics

More detail is provided for the examples below in the SIMPLIS Magnetics Design Module tutorial.

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Example Circuits That Require a Full SIMetrix/SIMPLIS License and the Magnetics Design Module

SIMPLIS MDM Buck Converter An inductor for the fixed frequency synchronous buck converter from the SIMPLIS Tutorial, designed, simulated, and post-processed using MDM.
SIMPLIS MDM PFC Boost Inductor A boost inductor designed in MDM for the constant on-time PFC converter.  A standard SIMPLIS example.
SIMPLIS MDM Self-Oscillating Flyback Transformer A flyback transformer designed, simulated, and post-processed using MDM for the self-oscillating converter that regulates a 5-V/2-A output from a 300 - 350-V input (another standard SIMPLIS example).
SIMPLIS MDM LLC Resonant Inductor Transformer The standard SIMPLIS LLC half-bridge converter example modified so that it is on open-loop, with both the resonant inductor and the power transformer designed using MDM.