Modeling Digital Control With SIMPLIS (including Verilog HDL)


Previously Held on July 21st, 2016

SIMPLIS offers several ways to effectively model digital control of power converters. Using modelling blocks built-into SIMPLIS, this one hour webinar covers several methods of implementing and simulating digitally controlled power converters.

The webinar starts with the digital hardware approach to modeling, where adders, multipliers, and other digital hardware models are used to implement the control algorithm. The second approach uses discrete time filters, which emulate the digital hardware model but with the benefit of allowing an AC analysis to be performed on the control loop. Next, SystemDesigner, which is a set of built-in modelling blocks which allow the user to use a single schematic to implement both a digital hardware and a discrete time filter model. Finally, co-simulating SIMPLIS with the controller implemented in Verilog HDL is covered.

Link to Webinar Recording

The webinar recording can be viewed at this link: Modeling Digital Control With SIMPLIS (including Verilog HDL) (31:35)


  1. Digital Hardware Design Using Built-In Blocks
  2. Discrete Time Filters and AC Analysis
  3. SystemDesigner
  4. Verilog HDL

Reference Materials

Schematics and presentation slides for the webinar can be downloaded here: