Engineer's Process

Before you begin

The first thing you need to do is review the process below (you can also download a hard copy here). This will be your day-to-day lessons and will provide the necessary links when needed. After reviewing the lessons, talk with your manager to help decide an appropriate deliverable for the conclusion of this project.

As you go through the lessons, you will soon realize that there is an emphasis on incrementally saving your progress. Therefore, if mistakes are made, you can easily go back to your last known "good" state and try again. This same procedure should be implemented when you work on your milestones and final deliverable.

Now the process itself is very detailed and will walk you through each and every step along the way. But, things do happen. If you run into any issues during this training process, feel free to contact STI for technical support at


    Morning   Afternoon
Week 1:  
  Day 1: Begin SIMPLIS Tutorial   Complete SIMPLIS Tutorial
        Study: What is SIMPLIS?
        Research:What example SIMPLIS circuits are relevant to work user plans to do with SIMPLIS.
  Day 2: Advanced SIMPLIS Training:   Outline SIMPLIS Simulation Project Objectives
    Module 1 - Overview of the SIMPLIS Environment   Identify meaningful project milestones with the goal of achieving as much value as early in the project as possible. In particular, idendify a valuable milestone to be met by mid afternoon on Day 5 to be presented to your manager.
  Day 3: Advanced SIMPLIS Training:  
    Module 2 - Advanced SIMPLIS   Begin SIMPLIS Simulation Project
    (Complete all sections except 2.4. In section 2.4, make sure to at least scan the material so you can get an idea what is in there.)  
  Day 4: Advanced SIMPLIS Training:  
    Module 3 - Getting Ready to Model   SIMPLIS Simulation Project - focus on your Day 5 milestone
  Day 5: Advanced SIMPLIS Training:  
    Module 4 - Introduction to Modeling   Complete Day 5 milestone and present to your manager
Week 2:  
  Day 6: Advanced SIMPLIS Training:  
    Module 5 - Parameterization   Identify at least two IP Blocks that you can create as part of your project where you can employ the parameterization concepts that you have learned in the morning session.
  Day 7: Complete the parameterization of at least one IP Block in your project. Choose the simplest block initially.   Continue work on your project with a focus on your Day 8 milestone.
Refine Project Objectives and Requirements.
Develop 4 to 5 additional milestones for the final 2.5 weeks of this project. Go over milestones with your manager.
  Day 8: Advanced SIMPLIS Training:  
    Application B - Switching Losses and Measuring Efficiency   Complete your Day 8 milestone and present to your manager
  Day 9: Read documentation on:  
        - How to organize directories and SIMPLIS files  
            * for development  
            * for model distribution  
        - Use Copy Hierarchy for version control  
  Day 10:     Complete your Week 2 milestones and present to manager
Week 3: Address Week 3 milestones   Complete your Week 3 milestones and present to manager
Week 4: Address Week 4 milestones   Complete your Week 4 milestones and present to manager