Manager's Process


Provide a process by which a capable and willing engineer can come up to speed with SIMPLIS in four (full-time) weeks. At the conclusion of this experience, your engineer will be confident that they will be able to competently apply SIMPLIS to appropriate switching power supply modeling objectives. Once they have successfully completed this four-week exercise, new SIMPLIS users won't know everything, but they will be confident that they know how to find out what they need to in order to do a competent job. Appropriate support and guidance from a new SIMPLIS user's manager are essential for the success of this project

Prior to Start of Project

  1. Carefully review the Learning SIMPLIS Engineer's Process. In particular, note where you will need to be available for progress reviews. Your most critical input into this process is in your preparation and your interactions with your new SIMPLIS user during the first eight (8) days of this process.
  2. Your most important input will be the definition of the SIMPLIS Simulation Project. This needs to be both challenging and realistic; its completion needs to produce valuable results for your business and needs to be a practical vehicle for your new SIMPLIS user to establish a solid grasp of the SIMPLIS fundamentals:
    • Ideally, this project will produce something of real value to your organization.
    • The first week will consist of five (5) 1/2-day sessions dedicated to your simulation modeling project.
    • The second week will dedicate four (4) full days toward your simulation project.
    • During the third and fourth weeks, your new SIMPLIS user will be devoting full time to the completion of their simulation project.
  3. This experience is designed to bring a new SIMPLIS user up to speed as fast as possible. It is designed to be intense and demanding. Make sure to remove, to the maximum extent possible, any other demands on your new SIMPLIS user's time. This is one reason why we strongly encourage the Simulation Project to address a real business problem, so that, at the project's completion, the results will be of real value to the business. This is one effective way to reduce the number of work priority conflicts that the new SIMPLIS user must try to resolve. Stretching out the time frame of this project reduces the intensity of the assignment and reduces the benefits of the total SIMPLIS immersion experience, which in the long run lengthens the time required for a new SIMPLIS user to come up to speed.