AddCurveMarker Command

Adds a curve marker to the currently selected graph sheet. A curve marker is a graph annotation object and its purpose is to label a curve for the purposes of identification or to highlight a feature. See Graph Objects for more information.

AddCurveMarker <curve-id> <division> <x-position> <y-position> <label> [length [angle]]



Id for curve to which marker will be attached.


Division of curve if curve-id refers to a curve group created by a multi-step run. Divisions are numbered from 0 up to 1 minus the number of curves in the group. For single curves set this to zero.


X-axis location of marker.


Y-axis location of marker. This is only used if the curve is non monotonic and has more than one point at x-position . The marker will be placed at the point on the curve with the y-axis value that is nearest to y-position.


Label for marker. This may use symbolic values enclosed by '%'. See SymbolicValues for details.


Length of marker line in view units. See GraphCoordinateSystems for an explanation of view units and the view co-ordinate space. If omitted length defaults to 0.1.


Angle of the marker line in the view co-ordinate space (See GraphCoordinateSystems ). Default is 45°.