ReadF11Analyses Function

Reads SIMetrix simulator analysis specifications in the schematic F11 window and returns a string array describing parameters for a specified analysis type


Number Type Compulsory Default Description
1 string Yes Analysis type

Argument 1

Define the type of analysis to be returned. Maybe one of the following string values
AC AC analysis
DC DC analysis
NOISE Noise analysis
TF Transfer function analysis
TRAN Transient analysis
ACMULTISTEP AC multistep analysis
DCMULTISTEP DC multistep analysis
NOISEMULTISTEP Noise multistep analysis
TFMULTISTEP Transfer function multistep analysis
TRANMULTISTEP Transient multistep analysis


Return type: string array

Three element string array.
0 Indicates whether analysis type is defined
'0': not defined, '1': defined
1 Indicates whether analysis type is enabled
'0': not enabled, '1': enabled
Disabled analysis definitions are prefixed with a single '*'
2 List of name=value pairs describing various analysis parameters