EditBodePlotProbeDialog2 Function

Opens dialog box for editing the advanced Bode plot probe.


Number Type Compulsory Default Description
1 String array Yes Initial values for dialog box controls

Argument 1

String array with 27 values as defined below:
0 Graph name
1 History depth
2 Gain enabled
3 Gain curve label
4 Gain y-axis label
5 Gain vertical scale 0:db, 1:Linear
6 Gain auto y-axis limits
7 Gain auto grid spacing
8 Gain vertical axis maximum limit
9 Gain vertical axis minimum limit
10 Gain vertical axis grid spacing
11 Gain curve colour
12 Phase enabled
13 Phase curve label
14 Phase y-axis label
15 Phase polarity 0:normal 1: -180 degrees
16 Phase auto axis limits
17 Phase auto grid spacing
18 Phase vertical axis maximum limit
19 Phase vertical axis minimum limit
20 Phase vertical axis grid spacing
21 Phase curve colour
22 Num grids 0:1 grid 1:2 grids
23 Vertical order 0:phase above gain, 1: gain above phase
24 Save settings
25 Set tab/caption to graph name
26 Separate curves


String array in same format as argument 1 providing user's selected values. Returns an empty vector if the user cancels.