SizeGraph Command

General purpose command to zoom or scroll a graph. Can apply an offset or scale or both. If both are specified, the offset is applied first.

SizeGraph [/axisid id] <x-offset> <y-offset> <x-scale> <y-scale>



Specify which y-axis to resize. If omitted, all y-axes on selected graph will be affected.


If specified, the x-axis is zoomed to fit whole graph. xscale and x-offset will be ignored.


If specified, the y-axis is zoomed to fit whole graph. yscale and y-offset will be ignored.


Extent of X-shift as proportion of full width of graph. E.g. 0.25 will shift by a quarter. 0 has no effect.


As x-offset but for y-axis


View width required as proportion to current width. E.g. 0.8 will zoom in by 20%. 1 has no effect. 0 is illegal.


As x-scale but for y-axis.