Multi-core Multi-step SIMPLIS Analyses

If your system and your license permit, you can speed up the run by using multiple processor cores for multi-step analyses. For example, if you have a 4-core system and want to run a 100-step Monte Carlo analysis, the 100 steps can be split across the 4 cores with each doing 25 steps. In most cases, this improves the run time by at least a factor of 3.

In this mode of operation, multiple SIMPLIS processes run independently with each one creating its own data file.

To Setup a Multi-core Multi-step SIMPLIS Analysis

Follow the steps in Multi-step Parameter Analysis; and then in the Define SIMPLIS Multi Step Analysis dialog box, set the Number of cores to the desired value as shown below.

Note:  The maximum value you can set is determined by your license and system. For the allowed number of cores for each product type, see Simulation and Multi-core Processors.


To Run a SIMPLIS Multi-core Multi-step Analysis

Start the run in the usual way for a multi-step run as explained in SIMPLIS Multi-step Runs - Overview. The SIMPLIS status box differs in the multi-core run because it includes one tab for each process so that you can watch the progress of each process as shown below.

Using Fixed Probes with SIMPLIS Multi-core Multi-step Analyses

Fixed probes usually update the waveform viewer incrementally. That is, the display is updated while the simulation proceeds. This does not happen for multi-core multi-step runs. Instead, the graphs are updated when the run is complete.