GetSimulatorStats Function

Returns statistical information about the most recent run


No arguments


Return type: real array

Returns a 30 element real array providing statistical information about the most recent run. The meaning of each field is described below:

Index Description
0 Number of event driven outputs
1 Number of event driven ports
2 Number of event driven instances
3 Number of event driven nodes
4 Number of equations (= matrix dimension = total number of nodes including internal nodes)
5 Total number of iterations
6 Number of transient iterations
7 Number of JI2 iterations. (First attempt at DC bias point)
8 Number of GMIN iterations
9 Number of source stepping iterations
10 Number of pseudo transient analysis iterations
11 Number of time points
12 Number of accepted time points
13 Total analysis time
14 Transient analysis time
15 Matrix load time (The time needed to calculate the device equations)
16 Matrix reorder time
17 Matrix decomposition time
18 Matrix solve time
19 Size of state vector
20 Parameter evaluation time
21 Matrix decomposition time (transient only)
22 Matrix solve time (transient only)
23 Circuit temperature
24 Circuit nominal temperature
25 Number of matrix fill-ins
26 Simulator initialisation time
27 Number of junction GMIN iterations
28 Time to process digital events
29 "Accept" time. This is the time used for processing transient time points after the simulator has accepted it. This includes the time taken to write out the data.