TreeListDialog Function

Opens the following dialog box allowing the user to specify an item in tree structured list.


Number Type Compulsory Default Description
1 string array Yes strings
2 string array No ['Select Item', ", '0', 'sort', 'false'] Options

Argument 1

Specifies the items to be displayed in the tree list. These are arranged in semi-colon delimited fields with each field specifying a "branch" of the tree. For example, in the above diagram, the item shown as "Full" would be specified as an element of argument 1 as "Measure;Transient;RMS;Full".

Argument 2

An array of strings of max length 5 specifying various other characteristics as defined below:
0 Dialog caption
1 Identifies an item to be initially selected using the same format as the entries in argument 1.
2 Initial expand level. '0' for no expansion, '1' expands first level of tree etc.
3 Items will be alphabetically sorted unless this is set to 'nosort'
4 Items may selected and the box closed by double clicking unless this item is set to 'true'


Return type: real

Returns index into argument 1 of selected item. If no item is selected, the function returns -1. If the user selects Cancel the function returns an empty vector.


The following will disply the dialog box shown in the above picture:
Show TreeListDialog(["'AC Measurements;3db low-pass', 'AC Measurements;band-pass',
+ 'Transient Measurements;Rise time', 'Transient Measurements;Fall time'"])