SymbolNames Function

Returns symbol names of schematic instances.


Number Type Compulsory Default Description
1 real No -1 Schematic ID
2 string No Use selected Property name
3 string No Use all with property name in arg 2 Property value

Argument 1

Schematic ID as returned by the function OpenSchematic . This allows this function to be used with a schematic that is not open or not currently selected. If omitted or -1, the currently selected schematic will be used.

Argument 2

Along with argument 3, if present these arguments identify the instances to be examined. If only argument 2 is specified then all instances on the specified schematic that possess that property will be used. If argument 3 is also present then the instance name and value must match argument 2 and 3 respectively. If neither are present the selected instances will be used.


Return type: string array

String array containing the symbol names for the instances identified by this functions arguments.

Note that this function complements PropValues2 and PropFlags2 , and will return the same number of values and in the same order as those function given the same arguments.