EditPropertyDialog Function

Opens a dialog box intended to edit a property in both the symbol and schematic editors. Select the symbol editor's Property/Pin > Edit Property... menu then double click on one of the items. This will open this dialog box.


Number Type Compulsory Default Description
1 string Yes <<empty>> property name
2 string No 0 initial property flags
3 string No <<empty>> initial property value
4 string No option
5 string No <<empty>> font override style
6 string No <<empty>> available font override styles

Argument 1

Specifies the property name and this is displayed at the top left of the box. This cannot be edited by the user.

Argument 2

Initialises the text location and property attributes using the property flag value. For details on the meaning of flags values see Attribute Flags in the Prop command .

Argument 3

Argument initialises the Value box


Return type: string array

String array of length 2 providing the users settings, or empty vector if Cancel is pressed.

Index Description
0 Flags value
1 Property value