DefineSaturableTxDialog Function

Opens a dialog box to define a saturable transformer.


Number Type Compulsory Default Description
1 string array Yes Core material info
2 string array Yes Part number info
3 real array Yes Winding ratios
4 real array Yes Initial values

Argument 1

Array of core material specifications. Each element is a string has the format:


Argument 2

Array of core part specifications. Each element is a string which has the format:


Argument 3

Array of turns ratios.

Argument 4

Real array with up to 9 elements that defines the initial values for the controls in the dialog box, as defined in the following table:
Index Description
0 Primary number of turns
1 Selected material index (into arg 1)
2 Selected part index (into arg 2). -1 for manual entry.
3 Number of primaries
4 Number of secondaries
5 Effective area
6 Effective length
7 Ue
8 Coupling factor


Return type: real array

The return value is a real array containing the user's selection. The definition of the values is identical to that for argument 4 as described above.