About SIMetrix/SIMPLIS Documentation

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HTML Documentation

All SIMetrix and SIMPLIS documentation is available in HTML form and may be viewed through your web browser. This can be accessed through the menus Help > SIMetrix Documentation and Help > SIMPLIS Documentation.

You can select whether you access this documentation on-line via the Internet or locally stored on your system. Documentation on-line has the benefit of always being the latest version but has the drawback of requiring a fast Internet connection. Local documentation has the benefit of being always available even if there is no Internet connection, but may become out of date.

To choose the documentation source, select menu Help > Select Help Source.... If you opt for local help and you have not selected this previously, the help files will first need to be installed. This operation is performed automatically but will take a few minutes.

PDF Documentation

Much of the documentation is also available in the form of PDF manuals. The PDF manuals may be accessed locally through the menus under Help > PDF Manuals or can be downloaded. These are described below:

Manual name and web link Description
User's Manual General operation of SIMetrix and SIMPLIS
Simulator Reference Manual Detailed reference for the SIMetrix simulator
SIMPLIS Reference Manual Detailed reference for the SIMPLIS simulator
Script Reference Manual SIMetrix script language reference manual
Verilog-A Reference Manual Verilog-A language reference manual