SIMPLIS Tutorial

The objective of this tutorial is to create a Buck DC/DC Converter with the following parameters:

  • Input Voltage = 12V
  • Output Voltage = 1.2V
  • Output Current = 10A
  • Switching Frequency = 500kHz

In this tutorial you will learn how to do the following:

  • Create an open loop power stage schematic using the SIMetrix/SIMPLIS Schematic editor.
  • Simulate your design using the three SIMPLIS analysis methods, POP, AC, and Transient.
  • Generate output curves and automatically make scalar measurements on those curves.
  • Add a 3-Pole, 2-Zero voltage-mode compensator to the power stage, closing the feedback loop.
  • Add parameterized values using expressions and .VAR statements in the command (F11) window.
  • Verify the converter's small and large signal stability.
  • How to create hierarchical schematic component from the compensator portion of the schematic. This hierarchical block can then be re-used in another design.

Topics in this tutorial