EditDeviceDialog Function

Opens a dialog box used to select a device and optionally specify its parameters.


Number Type Compulsory Default Description
1 string array Yes options/initial settings
2 string array Yes devices
3 string array No <<empty>> parameter names
4 string array No <<empty>> parameter values

Argument 1

Defines options and initial settings as follows:
Index Description
0 Text entered in edit control above list box. If the text item is also present in the device list (argument 2), then that item will be selected.
1 Ignored unless element 1 is empty. Integer (entered in string form) which defines selected device.
2 Dialog box caption. Default if omitted: "Select Device"
3 Message at the top of the dialog box. . Default if omitted: "Select Device"

Argument 2

String array defining the list of devices.

Argument 3

String array defining list of parameter names. See argument 4.

Argument 4

String array defining list of parameter values. If arguments 3 and 4 are supplied the "Parameters..." button will be visible. This button opens another dialog box that provides the facility to edit these parameters' values.


Return type: string array

If the user selects Cancel the function returns an empty vector, otherwise returns a string array.

Index Description
0 Entry in the text edit box.
1 Index into device list (argument 2) of device in text edit box. If this device is not in the list, -1 will be returned.
2 Number of parameter values.
3 (Onwards) The values of the parameters in the order they were passed.