SystemDesigner Global Clock Breakout

The SystemDesigner Global Clock Breakout is used to expose a SystemDesigner Clock on the schematic. You may want to expose a global clock to use with conventional SIMPLIS digital components.

In this topic:

Model Name: SystemDesigner Global Clock Breakout
Simulator: This device is compatible with the SIMPLIS simulator.
Parts Selector Menu Location: SystemDesigner Functions (max. 32 bit)
Symbol Library: SIMPLIS_SystemDesigner.sxslb
Model Library:
Multiple Selections: Only one device at a time can be edited.

Editing the SystemDesigner Global Clock Breakout

To configure the SystemDesigner Global Clock Breakout, follow these steps:

  1. Double click the symbol on the schematic to open the editing dialog to the Parameters tab.
  2. Make the appropriate changes to the fields described in the table below the image.
Label Parameter Description
Clock source

Specifies the global clock used for the Clock Breakout. The Clock can be set up using the SystemDesigner->Edit SystemDesigner Clocks... menu item or by placing a Start of Conversion Breakin.


The SystemDesigner Global Clock Breakout device is used in the following examples: