Save options
All If selected, all voltages and currents will be saved.
Voltages only If selected, only node voltages will be saved
Probes only If selected only voltages and currents that are explicitly probed will be output.

Other Options

Force New Analysis This tells SIMPLIS to ignore any state information that it may have stored and which could be used to speed up the run. For example, any stored snapshots (see above) will not be used if this is selected.
No Forced Output Data If checked, SIMPLIS will not force a data point before and after every switching instant.

Under most circumstances, this option should remain turned OFF. For very long simulations that generate extremely large data sets, the waveform viewer may be slow responding to user commands. In such cases, turning ON the NO_FORCED_DATA option will reduce the number of simulation data points displayed in the waveform viewer during each switching cycle. For long simulations that involve many switching instants in one switching cycle this reduction can be significant. Enabling this option in no way degrades the accuracy of the SIMPLIS solution, but it can potentially reduce the fidelity of the displayed waveforms within each switching cycle.