GetModelParameterValues Function

Returns the values of all parameters of the specified model. (Defined by 'model name' e.g. 'Q2N2222'). This function reads the values from the simulator and requires that a simulation has been run or checked. The returned array with arg2 omitted is of the same size as the array returned by GetModelParameterNames for the same device and the values and parameter names map directly.


Number Type Compulsory Default Description
1 string Yes Model name
2 string No All values returned if omitted Parameter name

Argument 1

Model name. (Model name is the user name for a model parameter set as defined in the.MODEL control e.g. 'Q2N2222').

Argument 2

Parameter name. If specified return value will be a single value for the specified parameter. If omitted, the values for all parameters will be returned.


Return type: string array