Control Statements Associated with Analyses

The analyses supported by SIMPLIS at this point are the time-domain transient analysis, the periodic operating point analysis, and the frequency-domain small-signal (AC) analysis.

In this topic:

.TRAN - Time-Domain Transient Analysis

The .TRAN statement instructs SIMPLIS to perform a time-domain transient analysis. The initial conditions for various devices are taken from the device statements and any overriding initial conditions supplied from the .INIT statements. The time-domain transient analysis always starts with the time variable set to zero. The format for the .TRAN statement is

.TRAN  tstop  tsave
.TRAN is the five-character keyword ".TRAN".
tstop is a positive floating-point number in seconds to stand for the time instant at which the time-domain transient analysis stops
tsave is a positive floating-point number smaller than tstop.
The transient analysis starts with the time variable t equal to 0.0 and stops at t equal to tstop. The result of the simulation is not saved, however, until the time variable t reaches tsave. Output data for the time-domain transient analysis can be generated for printing or plotting for any time instant between tsave and tstop, inclusively.

.POP - Periodic Operating Point Analysis

See SIMPLIS-POP for a detailed description.

.AC - Frequency Domain Analysis

See SIMPLIS-FX for a detailed description.