Shell Command

Launches an application.

Shell [/wait] [/displayStdout] [/displayStderr] [/command] <command-string>



Calls system command processor to execute command-string . This is necessary to run internal commands such as Copy and Move. The command processor is usually CMD.EXE.



Displays in the message window any standard output from the program.



If specified, application is launched synchronously. This means that SIMetrix will not continue until the application has closed.


File system path to executable file. This would usually be a binary executable but may be any file that is defined as executable by the operating system. If a full path is not specified, a search will be made for the file using the rules described in the function Shell .


Console mode applications will be launched without the console. To run a console mode application in a manner such that the console is displayed, use the command ShellOld .