Using Model Library Browser

The model library browser provides a convenient method of selecting a part from the model library. Parts are arranged in categories to allow for rapid searching.

To open the model library browser select schematic menu Place > From Model Library.... All devices for which models have been installed will be displayed and listed under an appropriate category.

If you can't find a device under the expected category, select the * All Devices * category. Every single device currently installed will be displayed here. (Note for large libraries you may have to wait a second or two to see the list of devices when selecting this category).

If you have installed your own models (see Parts Management - Installing Models) you will always find them listed under the category '* All User Models *' and, if installed within the last 30 days, under '* Recently Added Models *'.

If you select a part under '* All User Models *' or '* Recently Added Models *' you may be presented with the Associate Model dialog box. This will happen if SIMetrix is unable to determine what symbol to use for the model. This is explained in Placing New Model on Schematic.